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Employing people to sit around and answer phones can be a costly undertaking for all businesses. To ensure optimal productivity, SMEs as well as large enterprises are opting for automated phone-answering system with interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

Dynavision, as a part of its communication solution portfolio, offers Smart IVR systems to small and large-scale business enterprises. With IVR technology, the businesses can customise any call flow, personalise sales and customer support, integrate the same in any CRM or ERP and can access thousands of virtual numbers.

This service includes a huge number of features like:
Call Recording:

Records every call and make it accessible. Each call is encrypted and stored for data security. The current business processes can be measured and improved customer interactions can be tracked.


Provides stable & zero hassle conference system for team members connecting from different locations. IVR technology is backed by a robust cloud telephony platform which provides compatibility to run multiple conferences on the same incoming number.

Tracking call logs:

Offers live status of each call received by the agents. There are advanced features such as start time, call duration, call recordings and other parameters that help in building rich analytics to study customer behaviour. Call log can be easily extracted using APIs and integrated with the existing applications for decision-making.

Call Queues:

Routes large volumes of inbound phone calls dynamically can be routed and managed with ease by routing calls to the right queue creates customised wait experiences.

API Integration:

Forwards call records into CRM with a set of user-friendly APIs. It fetches incoming numbers during a live call and gets distributed to the relevant departments as per the pre-defined distribution settings.

Call Distribution:

Distributes incoming calls in sequential/parallel/round-robin manner and ensures that calls are attended and managed in an efficient manner, with minimum waiting time.


Acknowledges callers by their names and reads out their messages over the phone without any human support. This extends personalised touch to a business call.

Outbound calls:

Collects feedback and data through automated outbound calls, sends reminders to customers and enable voice interactivity on websites and more.

Virtual AD Number:

Know which marketing channel is driving your sales. Virtual Ad Number helps you to understand the success of your latest marketing campaigns and choose the right form of advertising for your next product launch. It offers individual numbers in bulk – one for every ad, centre or location. You can also track the source of your leads to measure and record them for future purpose.

Missed Call:

This solution lets you verify phone numbers during registration (improving lead quality); spark engagement during marketing campaigns and allow customers to sign up for SMS alerts or to opt-in/opt-out of a feature. In addition to this, the solution is great for surveys and polls; integrates with your CRM; gives real-time customer feedback and is free of cost to your caller.


Reach out to masses with automated text and voice messages. This solution gives functional benefits like driving elections, confirms cash-on-delivery orders, collects research feedback, spreads awareness and educates weaker sections of society and much more.


An instant calling widget strategically placed on your website to help you get in touch with leads while they’re looking you up. With Click-to-Call, you can connect with leads right away helping to increase your conversion time. As soon as a visitor submits his number, we bridge a call between your agent and the visitor (numbers registered in NDNC are not dialed). These calls are free of cost to your potential customers.

Super Toll-Free:

Increase your business enquiry, improve the quality of leads. It comes with a whole new bunch of interesting features like advanced analytics, white listing, call routing and welcome greeting in any language to increase lead generation by up to 40%.

Virtual Pay-Per-Click:

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Our Virtual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) numbers can be assigned to each ad campaign to track the extent to which they fared. In future, this will help you run a more targeted and effective campaign.

Customised Multilevel IVR:

Automates business processes on the phone. Agents can customise menus and set up a horde of call routing option to handle customer queries.